Important Life Lesson I Learned This Year

2017, Thank you for being so good to me!

I started 2017 with a single promise to myself and nothing else. I promised myself to give and do my best, and make this year exciting, unforgettable, worth telling stories about. That’s exactly what 2017 turned out to be for me. Thankfully, my health and motivation were my inevitable partners most of the time and helped me to achieve the goals I had set. I was open to meet a lot of new people, to try things I have never even imagine that I could try, and of course, make one of the most beautiful and complicated cities -Paris- my home for a month. Despite all the pink skies, beautiful nights and never dying hopes, 2017 had its own bad moments which, on the other side, were my greatest teachers.

1. Dreams Do Come True

But you have to work for them, be passionate and believe. Everything starts first in your mind, and if you want to see a change, the first step is to change your mindset. Change the way you think about yourself and start to value everything you have achieved till now, while starving for much greater personal development. Every single day is your opportunity to do something that will bring you closer to your desires. Every single step that you make today counts for what will happen in future.

2.  Don’t make homes out of people.

Everything is temporary and it is just a matter of time for most of the people around you to leave. Make a home in you, in your heart, in your soul and in your mind. Carry that home with you wherever you go and you will not feel homeless and lonely. Home lives within you and it’s your responsibility to build and design. Believe more in your own independence and do not rely on somebody else to make you happy. Happiness starts within you.

3.Stay Away from Toxic People.

who will not let you be happier than they are. Walk with those who will lift you up, follow those who do not only speak, but take actions and learn from those who work for their dreams.

4. Love Yourself.   

Self-love is not selfish. If you don’t love and respect yourself, you won’t be able to give other people love and respect. Buy a journal and write down everything that inspires you or brings you down. In that way you will learn how to avoid the unpleasant situations and how to attract the positive energy in your life. 

5. It’s totally fine to get lost.

‘’Sometimes you have to fall first, before you fly” they say! Get lost, collapse, struggle and then grow. Another favorite saying of mine is that “we find ourselves in wars”. Even though, I said in the beginning that this year was the best one for me, I had to deal with a lot of disappointments and personal battles which at that moment seemed to be stronger than me, but slowly life gets brighter and you become the stronger.





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