How to Wear Bright Colors in Winter

Most of the people associate bright colors with summer and dark colors with winter. Yet, there is no strict rule about what colors we should wear and when, so I suppose we can always use same bright shades to escape the grey days. Whenever my outfit is in the dark palette, I love to add at least one attention-grabbing color. I believe that in this way you highlight not only the item with the attention-grabbing color, but also the rest of the outfit. I should mention that my favorite color is black and you can find many black clothes in my wardrobe. However, last year I decided to try wearing more colorful clothes and now I feel much more confident while designing, shopping and making different mix and match outfits .

I hope you will find some inspiration in this post and the next time you are choosing your looks, you will have more ideas on how to make the colors work for the cold weather.








1. Replace the traditional black (dark) coat with a one in a bright color such as baby pink. In this way, you won’t have to replace your whole style and wardrobe, but only the coat. Also, you can still wear black or other dark colors under it and create a very good noticeable contrast. I started first with a grey coat that I designed for myself last year. This year, I felt confident enough to design a baby pink long coat without fearing that it might be difficult to match it with my other winter clothes or that this bright coat will be so easy to get dirty.

2. Buy a colored sweater or cardigan. The grey sweater from the photo, I bought from Jack Wills and because it is so comfortable and it matches my jeans, pants and skirts, I would say that It is one of my top favorite must-have this season. Another must-have that I adore is this soft yellow cardigan from PURE Cashmere which I wear together with either a skirt or simply with a white t-shirt. It’s easy to combine it with blue or black jeans, pants or a skirt.


3. Bring some color to your outfit with the help of an eye-catching accessory such as a bag or a hat. This Autumn/ Winter, my biggest obsession is the French beret which at the beginning was very weird and I did not how exactly I should place and wear it. The trick is to make it look natural and not spend your whole time fixing it. The beret gives a finishing touch to your outfit, it’s classy and chick. I would love to get as many different in colors berets as possible, yet I found out that three are completely enough for my wardrobe (said no woman ever).  Another inevitable accessory is the bag. Instead of going for the usual dark one, you can try buying a red, yellow, pink or a blue bag. A colored bag would definitely bring another perception of your otherwise dark winter looks.

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