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Healthy skin comes from within, but there are some beauty products that do magic.

Over the last couple of years, I have tried many products from different brands, and I already have found the ones that work best for my skin and I love to buy again and again. However, I believe that it’s always good to make some changes and try different products, especially while traveling and seasonal changes.
If I have to categorize my type of skin, I would definitely go for dry. Therefore, the heat and the humidity of the summer have their own impact on my skin, and in the end of the summer the Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream from Clarins that I have been using for more than a year, was not enough anymore.
About Dry Skin
Here, I want to mention that even though drinking water is extremely essential, it’s not the only factor when considering how to hydrate your skin. This process tends to be far more complex and again it includes the daily skincare routine and diet. Using soaps might cause a dry skin, for the soaps remove the protective skin’s oils. It’s good to look for some milder, fragrance-free soaps, or it would be simply better if you switch to a mild cleanser. Make sure you know the power of fresh air, especially if you spend most of your time indoor with the air conditioner on.
At the end of last summer I was recommended to try some products for hydration from the South Korean beauty and cosmetics company – AMOREPACIFIC. I haven’t had heard the company before that point, but I have heard that Korean cosmetics are among the best and their major ingredients come from nature. After trying some of their products I completely changed my skincare routine and now it includes mainly products from Amore Pacific.

COLOR CONTROL CUSHION COMPACT Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – The first product that I am totally in love with, is the long-lasting foundation with a high SPF factor which makes it perfect for the hot sunny days. The foundation lasts during the whole day and keeps its fresh coverage no matter the weather conditions or my activities. After two weeks using it, I noticed that my skin has become glowing again and I started to go out without any makeup more often. It comes with a beautiful cushion, yet when it comes to applying a foundation I don’t care about any brushes or cushions. I use my fingers (always make sure to wash your hands properly before that), for two reasons: 1. Better application and 2. It’s more hygienic. The best thing that I enjoy most about this product is the fact that it keeps my skin hydrated and good-looking.

MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Creme.  You can apply it in the morning or before going to bed. Personally, I find this cream one of the best hydration products. Fine lines around the eyes and wrinkles are not only caused by getting older, but also by low levels of Estrogen which is the main female sex hormone. A decline of the level of this hormone is called hormonal aging and you should have in mind that it can happen even in your twenties. It results in less collagen supplies that are crucial for your skin density, or in other words, your skin will become thin, more fragile and dehydrated. After using the MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Creme for more than 3 months, I firmly believe that this creme is a great weapon against the dull and dehydrated skin. It does not prevent the process of aging, but it does fight successfully with the lines around the eyes and the wrinkles

Future Response Age Defense Creme is the third essential that I use either in the morning or after removing makeup in the evening. This creme can be used during the day as a protection from outside aggressors such as pollution and harsh environmental conditions.


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Treatment Enzyme Peel. Once a week I eliminate carefully the dead surface cells with the a gentle exfoliant, called enzyme peel. Immediately after that, my skin feels so soft, refreshed and bright, because all of the dirt is dissolved. All that I have to do is simply pour a bit of the powder on my hand and mix it with a few water drops, apply the creamy liquid on my face and massage gently for a bit. After washing it out, I hydrate my skin with the MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Creme.


This post (like all of the rest on my webpage) is not sponsored. I am simply sharing with you these products that I am currently using. I do not guarantee you that they will work for your skin the same way they work for me. I shortly described and categorized my skin, so If you find similarities and you are open to try some new cosmetics, I do recommend you AmorePacific.

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