The Ultimate Skincare Botanical Products

Let me introduce you the Australian Luxury Skin Care Brand. In their portfolio of products you will find skin care products as well as hair and body products.

With their plant-based ingredients and meticulous attention to the smallest detail, Aesop is growing and becoming one of the most desirable skincare brands.

My first “meeting” with this brand was in a restaurant in London which was offering its customers a sensory pleasure to cleanse their hands with the Aesop Aromatique Hand Wash and hydrate them with the hand balm. I described it as a sensory pleasure, because it made me leave the restroom feeling better and lively. The rich hydration left my hands soft and nourished while the botanical ingredients brought a refreshing scents of citrus and herbs.

This exotic experience was the beginning of my passion for the Aesop products. The summer of 2017 I tried for a first time they skin care products and I haven’t stop using them since. The products I purchased were not recommended to me by anyone, I simply read the description and chose the products I thought will fit my type of skin. Even though, I am very well aware of the brand’s finest quality, I must admit that I was surprised by way my skin reacted and welcomed the new cosmetics.

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Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser

I start and finish my day with the Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser for normal to dry skin. I don’t bother to use it twice a day, since it hydrates my skin while removing the dirt and the make-up. I pour a bit of the cream into my hands (carefully washed before that) and mix it with some water drops. I apply it on my face and neck with a light touch massage for a minute, remove it with a wet warm cloth and rinse with room temperature water. Purifying and hydrating the skin, the blend of Lavender Stem, White Clay and Chamomile Bud cleanse the face without washing off the essential oils of the skin and deliver a mild fragrance of rose.

Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream

After cleansing my face with the Cream Cleanser in the evening, I apply all over my face my favorite Aesop product, the Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream. Over the course of almost half a year, I actually noticed how my skin changed for better. Before this camellia cream, I was using the hydrating creams (always for normal to dry skin) from brands like  Clarins, Avene, and Bioderma, but they were sometimes leaving me the uncomfortable feeling that I have some kind of a mask on my face which I definitely have to wash off the next morning. It’s been relatively a long time since I use the Camellia Nut cream and the problems of the dry skins are becoming more and more rare. Many times before, people would ask me if I sleep enough and why do I look so tired while the major reason was mostly the dry and dehydrated skin. Drinking a lot of water and applying this Camellia nut cream help me fight and get rid of the tired looking skin.

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

Once per week, I exfoliate with the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste to clear away the dead cells and give a chance for the new ones. It is suitable again for normal to dry skin, as well as for sensitive (use with a caution). If you travel frequently, you’d better have it with you everywhere you go. Like the cream cleanser, I pour a bit of the exfoliant paste into my hands, mix it with a bit of water and apply it all over the face and neck. Again, I apply it with a light touch massage without much pressure in order not to irritate the skin. I don’t use it too frequent (once per week or two weeks), because the scrub removes the outermost surface of the skin and the essential oils, so you have to give it some time to heal.

The Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

And of course, I could not skip buying the hand balm from which my love for Aesop arose- The Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. The plant-based ingredients such as the lavender, coconut oil, macadamia old, mandarin rind and rosemary nourish, soothe and protect the hands, leaving a lavender scent.

And you? Are you ready to discover Aesop products?


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