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4 Travel size beauty products for my carry-on.

Traveling is definitely one of the many things I really enjoy and since I am in university, I am always moving somewhere. I have always believed that traveling is a great teacher, revealing secrets of other places and cultures and it opens one’s eyes to see many new things and other people. However, sometimes it could be very tiring and all you would love to do is just arrive at the particular destination and take a shower to remove all the dirt collected throughout the traveling.
One of my ways to deal with this uncomfortable feeling is to carry with me some beauty products I can easily use for some freshening up.
  1. A good lipstick make you look fresh.
I always carry with me is a lipstick (or two, or three)….. This Bobbi Brown mini lip color is so perfect and I have it with me all the time. The Color is suitable for day-to-night look and does not leave my mouth dry.
  1. Coco Mademoiselle
This one should be not a big surprise since most of us have the tendency to wear a perfume in our handbags. It’s allowed to bring it with you on the plane, but it should be less than 100ml, so this 50ml Coco Mademoiselle is for sure my number one choice.
  1. Le volume De Chanel Mascara.
If you are a mascara lover, you’d understand me. Even though my morning skincare and makeup routine are good enough to last the whole, it’s always nice to a mascara on hand in case you want to refresh your eyes or just add another layer before the arrival.
  1. Personal Hygiene is so essential.
Staying fresh and clean on the road is a priority task. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time talking about how much we are exposed to viruses and bacteria when we go through airports and stations, because it’s obvious. Keeping my hands clean before eating, after dragging my luggage and using ATM, always help. Handkerchiefs and wet hankies could work, but a mini fragrance liquid soap is another level. It may sound very weird, but I’d rather be prepared and clean my hands properl


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