3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Skipping The Breakfast Should Not Be an Option

Many times we are so sleepy or running out of time so decide to skip the breakfast which makes us more prone to eat unhealthy food later in the day. That’s not a good decision at all if you care about your outer appearance and health.

I am not into spending much time for cooking, that’s why I usually go for the most simplest (healthy) breakfast receipts that do not require much of my time and effort. When you wake up, give your organism some time wait for at least half an hour before heading to the kitchen.  A quick shower and some stretching exercises before breakfast would give a fresh start of the day.

 1. Strawberry Delight.

When I don’t have enough time to sit and have my breakfast at home, I prepare myself a nice smoothie that I can pour in my glass bottle and take it with me. It couldn’t be quicker. My all time favorite strawberry smoothie fits perfectly a healthy diet and gives you energy for a nice start of the day.


What you need:

100g frozen Strawberries (or any berries)

40g Banana

100 ml Almond milk

40 ml Orange juice

Orange slice for decoration

Coconut fillings for the top
Blend everything together and enjoy!


2. Greek Yogurt with Fruit Salad

One of the most fastest and easiest receipts and at the same time delicious. Greek yogurt provides your body with probiotics that maintain a healthy digestive system and it carries essential amino acids. It mask for the face, since these acids reduce the skin inflammation especially after sunburnt. I usually add some berries, bananas and some apple slices. The granola will make the breakfast bow so much more yummy. You can try it with almonds, walnuts and honey.

3. Colorful Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes are such a great substituent of bread and they are even more delicious
(for me). Instead of using bread and making the traditional sandwiches, try these three different rice cakes with vegetables and eggs. I used Ghee Butter instead of normal butter to make it even healthier. I am just giving you the idea and you can decide what exactly are you going to use the cakes with.

What you need:

1st. Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella.
2nd. Cucumber and Corn.
3rd. Boiled egg and Cherry Tomatoes.


Did you know: 
Ghee Butter is better than the normal butter you can find in every store, since it has been clarified. Ghee butter is easy to digest since the protein and the sugar have been removed, and only the refined fat has left. It is good both for raw consumption and for cooking.
The vitamins that ghee gives you:
 A , D , E and K.

Well, these are my top 3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas. I am sure that there are healthier than these, but maybe not that delicious. You should know how to balance and not sacrifice the good taste.


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