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Strong and healthy hair means more confidence. 

It’s so amazing how a simple change in the hairstyle like a new haircut or a color change can change a person’s appearance so much. Yet, it always feels so good walking around and people complimenting your hair and asking what’s the secret. I remember my very very first day in America back in 2016 when a woman stopped me on the street to tell me what a beautiful hair I have. I was literally amazed, because I cannot even imagine that somebody totally unknown will stop me and pay compliments on the street.
For the last couple of years, I have left my hair grow long and believe me that the longer it gets, the more difficult it is to keep it glossy and good-looking. Being with long hair most of my life taught me how to take care of it and how to understand the hidden messages that my hair sends me when it needs some treatment or a break.

1. Nourish your hair from within.

Like the skin, your hair need the right nutrients and vitamins to be healthy and good-looking. As I have written before our outside beauty is a reflection of what’s happening within. Don’t expect that the junk food will provide you with strong and shinny hair, because it lacks all the essential vitamins your organism needs in order to maintain healthy skin. And yes, it’s not a mistake, you need the skin on your head, or in other words the scalp, to be in a good physical condition, so that you can have a strong and glossy hair. I created the following smiling diagram specially for this post, so it’s easier for you to remember the vitamins and the foods.

2. How often should you wash your hair?

This is one of the first thing you have to figure out and the biggest factor that you should have in mind is the oils that your own body is producing. These oils are coming from the sebaceous glands which are very important for the hair stability and without them, the hair becomes dry, hard, breakable and more vulnerable to humidity, winds and the sun rays. Some people produce enough oils to wash their hair every day or two, but if your hair is fragile, you’d better wash it every other week, so you can prevent it from more damages. Longer hairs require more time to get all the needed oils, so the act of washing practiced frequently makes the long hairs drier. Personally, I wash my hair every 5 or 6 days. Of course, it’s easy for your routine to get messed up by a single sweaty workout that leaves your hair feel and look dirty. Sometimes the same effect has the wearing of a hat or using heavy styling products such as sprays for fixation.

3. Shampoos and Conditioner.

The shampoo should remove all the dirt and the excess of oil from the scalp, not from the rest of your hair. Don’t use too much and try not to apply all the way down the length. Paying more money for high-quality shampoos will pay you off, trust me! I started doing this when I was in high school, and since then my hair had changed a lot. Before that, my hair was strong, yet it used to grow up to one point and that was it. I started investing in my hair with the Kerastase Products, I was using both the shampoo and the conditioner (Nutritive Bain Satin) which is recommended for normal to slightly dry hair. Immediately, after the first time I saw the difference- my hair was so soft, glossy and easy to brush. Since then, I have tried only couple of times to use a shampoo from the super market just to see what it would be my hair’s behavior, and believe me, it was pleasing. I cannot go without a conditioner which is one of the most essential steps for healthy hair. Like I mentioned above, it takes much longer for the longer hairs to get the needed oil, and many times the longer the hair, the drier the hair down the length, so a good conditioner is a must in such situations. I apply it after the shampoo, don’t include the scalp (sometimes it’s not bad to apply a bit of conditioner on your scalp, for it hydrates it) and leave it for a few minutes. More about the hair products I am using, you will find in the post HERE.

4. Homemade Mask.

Once in awhile I prepare my own homemade mask which a great treatment for hair especially after the summer when the hair is usually tired of the sun and the sea water. This mask is known for so long and it’s very popular, so you might have heard about it.

All you need is : 1 yolk (or 2 if your hair is long), 150g greek yogurt, 1 soup spoon honey, 1 soup spoon olive oil and 1 soup spoon coconut oil (better heat it before, so it’s easier to mix with the rest of the ingredients). Mix all of them, apply the mixture all over your scalp and down the length of the hair and leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

5. Leave your hair to air dry.

Reduce the usage of the curling iron and hairdryer to minimum. I leave my hair air dry and I don’t use a straightener, because my hair is naturally straight and I like the way it falls. Curling my hair is a real struggle and I don’t opt for it unless I am very bored with the straight hair. With a curling iron, the curls last approximately an hour, because of the hair’s weight.

 I firmly believe that the best you can do for your hair is to provide it with the vitamins and the nutrients it needs. No matter how hard you are trying to deal with the external factors, if your menu consist only of junk food, you are drinking alcohol more than the recommended maximum intake and you are smoking, do not expect that your hair will look healthy, glossy and it will grow fast. You know what they say Beauty Starts from Within.


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  1. Teresa Ivanova
    May 23, 2019 / 2:56 pm

    Dear Michaela,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge about maintaining beautiful hair.

    What do you think about the Parusan shampoo? Have you tried it?

    Thanks in advance,

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