How To Make Your Room Come Alive

Living by myself most of the time and having the whole space just for me is something I DO really enjoy and I can tell you the countless reasons. Yet, sometimes the silence is too loud and I wish my room could engage me in a conversation – impossible of course. However, I found some ways to make my apartment and any room I stay at, come alive with simple decors.

  1.  I don’t like having too many things in my apartment, since it gives me the feeling that it is messy.
  2. “The less you have, the less you have to worry about.”
  3.  I’d rather change my decors every week or two, so I am not going to get tired of looking at the same items for too long. This has a psychological effect – It teaches you to let go and adapt to the new (seriously).

Fresh Flowers – First and most important. Bring some life to your place. Buy some beautiful flowers, find a good visible spot (not too sunny and hot) to place them and take care of them. You might say that flowers die so fast, but if you change their water and cut a bit of their endings every day, they last longer. I love to have some fresh flowers next to my bed, because when I wake up I am reminded of the connection between me and nature. Another good spot is on the table in the living room where the flowers can be seen by any guests.



Fresh Fruits – Pick your favorite fruits, arrange them beautifully in a bow and put them on the table. It’s so welcoming to have this “decor” in your room, especially if there are fruits in different colors. Again, it reminds me of the nature and a healthy life. Your guests will love it to, trust me!

Candles – There you go, the romantic part of me. I am obsessed with candles and if they are scented – that’s even better. You can change the candles frequently, chose between colors, shapes, and aromas and use them in each room, including the bathroom. If you want, you can also buy very simple candles and decorate them by yourself.

Books – They always tell something more about you and reveal some parts of you that maybe people haven’t got the chance to explore. I don’t tell you to transform the room into an exhibition of all your books, but pick the books that you love most and you are willing to re-read or some crafts and hobbies books. In my fashionista corner you will find books like Elie Saab, Christian Dior, 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers, Audrey: The 50’s, Chanel, and fashion magazines.
 They are always in front of my eyes and make me think of how vital it is for people to find time for their hobbies.

Plus, you can hang your favorite dress, shirt, jacket or denim for the season and replace every week, or you can paint something you like and make the room even more yours. A huge collage of photos of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend (this is my sister’s collage).

It’s all about making it your own place, where you are surrounded not only by furniture, but with the real things you like and appreciate in your life.


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