Get Motivated and Work It Out

Why is it important to work out?

Staying motivated to workout can be a real struggle sometimes, but it’s crucial to keep your body and blood moving. Exercising will not only keep you fit, but it will also help you achieve better looking and healthier skin. It helps the blood circulation which is important for good oxygenation and detoxification.

Detoxification is about removing the toxic substances from your body and this can happen more easily when you work out. If the process of detoxification is not functioning well, the removal of these toxic substances is becoming slower and more complicated which results many times in problems with the skin. If you are wondering where do these toxins come from, think about the alcohol and all of the bad food that gives you nothing but lots of fat and sugar.

How to keep moving?

Working out does not necessarily means going to the gym everyday and lifting weights. There are so many alternatives, you can try yoga, pilates, some of the latest fitness trends like Kangoo Jumps, or simply jogging. Nobody is saying you should be an athlete and make working out your major goal in your life, but if you do exercise regularly, you will see how your whole life will change including your body, skin, discipline and even the way you achieve your other goals.

Morning/evening jogging and long walks will also help you with sweating and they are not hard to achieve. Once a habit is built, it becomes easier and more pleasurable. Dancing, swimming, boxing, tennis, Tae Bo, gymnastics.. There are so many options.

You can always find the time for sports if you want to do so. When I am too busy to go to the gym, I just do some exercises at home for an hour and I can feel immediately the good impact exercises has on me.

Tips on how to motivate yourself?

  1. Buy chick workout clothes.
  2. Get yourself one of those high quality lace lingerie and try it for a first time after a month of training.
  3. Find the perfect swimwear and work for the summer bikini body.
  4. Use a fitness daily or weekly log to keep yourself organized (try mine here).
  5. Remember the fact the working out helps you maintain healthy, glowing skin.
  6. Find a friend and exercise together.
  7. Make a workout playlist.
  8. Find inspiring fitness models and start following what exercises they are doing.
  9. Track your success. Take photos when you notice a change in your body.
  10. Find the environment that makes you feel most inspired.



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