Essential Skin Care Tips

Problematic skin concerns not only the teenagers who are very prone to suffer from unhealthy skin, but also the majority of people. In my very early teen years, I did have a problematic skin, and of course as for the rest of the people it was very unpleasant and frustrating. Even though the whole situation wasn’t that bad at all, I knew I had to change something and try my best to reach a particular destination called Healthy Glowing Skin. I started to pay attention even to the smallest details concerning the health of my skin and they way it reacts. Whenever something is wrong, believe me, your skin will “tell” you, you just have to be able to notice it.
Most of the skin problems might be a result of inappropriate products that you use, unhealthy diet, digestive disorders, stress, lack of sleep, and some other factors that we cannot even think of.
I needed to change not only the products I use, but also the way I live and my whole daily routine.
Immediately, I began with the following small steps that may seem to be easy, but it takes a lot of time and effort to master them at such a point that you don’t even think about them. They have to become an inevitable part of your daily skin ‘duties’.

1. Hands Off!  Touching your face all the time is among the top reasons responsible for not having clear skin. Imagine all of the dirt that is on your hands after opening the  car door, constantly holding your phone that was on the table covered with dust in class or in the office. All of this dirt and bacterias will be partly transferred once you touch your face. Believe me, it’s not that easy to kick off this habit as it might sound, but you will be happy if you manage to do it and your skin will thank you.


2. Change your pillowcase every 2-3 days. As I mentioned dust is everywhere. Plus, the cosmetics that you use overnight stays to some extent on the pillowcase, so you have to take care of that frequently and change it for a clean one. (Like you wash your face in the morning.)

3. Forget about fried food, carbonated drinks, the sweets (except dark chocolate), and anything that contains lots of sugar or fats. I know that for most of the people, this a huge sacrifice, but it will be good not only for your fit body, properly operating organism systems, but also for your skin. For example, try to eat more of the food containing high levels of IRON which is extremely important for the production of the red blood cells. If you suffer from low levels of iron, the chances that you look tired and you feel your skin and hair dry all the time, are higher. Some examples of foods with a good iron level: eggs, spinach, kale, beef, olives, oats, lentils, dark chocolate.


4. Exercise! It helps the blood movement which is essential for the color of your skin. On the other side the blood circulations leads to better oxygenation (oxygen is proven to be antibacterial and it stimulates the production of collagen which is good for the skin).

5. My Favorite one: Stay Hydrated! Skin should be treated not only from outside by washing your face, but also from within. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin becomes drier and less elastic, it gets more vulnerable when exposed to even small changes. Try putting some cut slices of lemon and cucumber in your water bottle. I love to carry with me my “water salad” everywhere. Personally, I drink between 1,5l and 2l of water per day, a cup or two of tea,  and I try to eat foods with decent amount of water in them (especially during summertime, it is so refreshing) such as watermelons, strawberries, pineapples, oranges, cucumbers, celery and spinach.

These are just 5 of the steps that I believe one should start with. It gets so easier once you train yourself to follow these very first steps that will not even costs you that much – just your willingness and a bit of an effort to make the change. I did not discuss here the products and how to find the best ones that ‘work’ for your skin, since it is a topic which raises many other questions and it has to be formed as a single post.

Try to follow the 5 steps that were helpful for me and see in a couple of weeks if it is helpful for you, too. You lose absolutely nothing, you don’t need to spend any extra money and sacrifice so much of your time. All you need is a little patience and motivation.

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