Chick Pre-Springtime Outfit Idea and Spring Grocery List



I am getting more and more impatient about the spring arrival that I started already wearing some of my not-so-warm clothes. Actually, combining winter clothes with some spring pieces can be fun and stylish, but one has to be careful, because the result might turn out to be not that stylish.

I love mixing bright and dark colors, so in this look, I have picked a white shirt and the very attention-catching yellow clutch. It seems they look well with the navy blue trench coat and the sweater. The skirt is one of my own designs and I love the fact that it can be styled in different variants and used for many occasions. It is suitable for both daytime and nighttime outfits.

I have been looking for the spring since the end of January, because there’s something about the spring time which makes me feel cheerful and gives me a sense of optimism. With the seasonal change, we have to change also our menu, so that our organism can adapt easily and as fast as possible. After the cold winter and the warm food, now is time for more of the fresh vegetables and fruits, spring detox and glowing skin.
My spring foods list consists of many green veggies and less meat. In a combination with the regular workouts, I believe that following a good grocery list will help you achieve your dream summer body and get rid of the unnecessary fats from the winter.

My Healthy Spring Foods 



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