SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

My Best Latest Beauty Product

Several weeks ago when I was extremely busy with the university and I wasn’t getting enough sleep, the dark circles under my eyes were getting bigger, my whole face was puffy and I had enlarged pores. This was really the moment when I needed some kind of magic to get back my normal look, so you can imagine my huge excitement when my aunt came back from the States with several of the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask for me without even being aware of my desperate need.

I must admit that although I have heard so much about this product and all of its reviews and ratings are pretty wonderful, I was a bit sceptical that a single mask no matter how expensive can have some immediate results.  The mask was one of my last hopes to get a fresh look, so on the very next day before my early morning class, I tried it.

To my huge amusement, the dry skin patches disappeared, the puffiness around my eyes was reduced almost to minimum, and my skin got glowing and healthy looking. During the day, I got several compliments on my fresh look and I convinced myself even more that the mask is really worth it. The price is not modest at all ($17 per one mask, $135 for ten masks), but I highly recommend the facial treatment mask and if not on a weekly, then on a monthly basis. 

About the mask:

  1. The mask is very wet itself and you can find extra of the creamy substance in the package. Don’t just throw it away, but use the liquid in the package for your neck and shoulders.
  2. In the instruction on how to use the mask, it is said that you should leave it you face between 5 and 15 minutes. Yet, this is not a strict rule that you should follow, I leave mine for a longer period and everything is fine.
  3. After removing the mask, you can either leave it to dry air or rinse your face if you want to apply makeup and get ready.


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