Tricks for Improving Your Personal Style

Taking care of your personal appearance is not selfish, in fact, it is important to do it, because first, it gives you confidence and second, you make a better first impression. Improving your personal style will boost your confidence and you will see how everything around you will change, especially the way people treat you. If you show people that you respect yourself enough to take care of the way you look and that you want to be presentable, their attitude towards you will also change as well as the respect they show and the perception they have of you.
A lot of people today are trying to preach that spending too much time on worrying what to buy and wear is useless and stressful. Yes, sometimes in the morning when you really cannot make a decision what you should wear, spending more than the needed time to pick your outfit for the day might be a bit stressful. However, picking you next outfit should be more like an entertainment than a problem. There are some tricks everybody can learn and transform not only they way of dressing, but also the way of picking the clothes.
To be good at dressing well is not something you are born with. It is a skill and like other skills, it has to be practiced and developed. The good news is that it can be learned. It’s all about paying attention to details and everything that gives you pleasure through beauty.

Start Observing and Get Inspiration

Teach yourself to look around and pay attention what clothes other people are wearing and how they have have styled it. Inspiration is always on the streets you just have to have the eyes to notice it and use it. Another way to get inspired by the style of other people is simply following the social media of the ones you like most. The best thing about this is that you can filter what you like and pull only the types of inspiration you want to. Idea: Make a board with all the outfits you like and next time you go shopping, try to find some of the clothes that are in this board. Even if you cannot find the exact product, you cans till look for the same color, shape, fabric and buy something similar.

Find your style trademark

By style trademark I mean your specific way of expressing yourself through a particular accessory, color, dress, shoes, bag or whatever you love and wear so often that people usually relate it immediately to you. For example, throughout this past year, I have been obsessed with all kinds of hats and many people started associate my style with a hat as a final touch. You can stock up on different accessories not only hats, but rings, bracelets, necklaces, silk scarves (another past obsession of mine). Simple ear cuffs, for example, add so much to a simple one-color dress, or if you are a rings-lover, then combining..

Change the way you carry yourself

Nobody wants to be remembered as being always moody, mean and complaining. Personal style is not only about the clothes, the make up, the accessories, but also about the energy you spread and give to other people. The world will always fall in love with the girl who is kind and confident, spreading positive energy. Get rid of the bad habits, the self doubts and the negativity and give a chance to a better aura to sparkle through your body and eyes. Personal style has to do a lot with your own way of making the world fall in love with you and having a good heart, working hard, being determined and helping other people will be an advantage.



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