Small Habits That Steal Your Happinnes

Bringing happiness and beauty into your life starts with each breath, each thought and habit. Outer beauty is a reflection of inner peace and every day brings us new possibilities to give our body and mind the best fuel to become energized and happy. However, even the habits that we consider as insignificant, can turn out to be very destructive both to our healthy mind and body, and steal our happiness.

1. Concentrating on other peoples lives instead on your own one.

We dig into other peoples lives on a daily basis. How? Well, through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all other social media that is showing us how other people live their lives, what they do, where they go, what they eat and buy and at some point we start doing it without even realizing why do we need all of that. Of course, the information shared there is not always useless, and we can learn a lot of things from the experience of other. That’s why try to follow only what you think is helpful and will bring some value to the time you spend on the social media. However, real life is what is worth our time, enjoying even the smallest moments that make us feel alive, and all the people we meet outside the virtual space.

2. Too much pressure to figure your life out.

It is so frustrating to spend much time on thinking and worrying about the future. Even though it is natural to wonder if everything will be alright with your life, making too many plans for the next 2-3 years might be demotivating and upsetting sometimes. Surely, plans keep you organized and following some steps to achieve what you want to achieve seems easier, but everything changes so fast, so you really don’t know what will happen tomorrow or the next week. The pressure that is coming from the discrepancy between what you have planned and what happened in reality leads many times to these unsatisfying and overwhelming feelings. The moment spent on making huge plans for the future is stealing your precious time now. 

3. Being dependent on other people and sacrificing your own valuable time more than you have…

Surround yourself with people who will make you feel valued and loved even when you are not in their presence. Having strong healthy relationships does not mean you have to be with people all of the time. Find the time for your own and embrace solitude as it was given to you as the most essential gift. It is true that people find themselves partly through interacting with other people, but also when they allow themselves to be alone only with their thoughts and voices. Also, if the people around you are not the right ones, at certain point, you may start feeling some negative impact on you. Stay away from Toxic people and don’t hold on to such relationships.

4. Waiting.

Probably, one of the most important notions one should keep in mind is that Life is happening NOW. Don’t rely on you doing something tomorrow, next week or one day maybe. If you want to be the person you want to be and move forwards, you have to start now. Time is limited, so don’t waste it making excuses why you can’t be better at what you are doing. There isn’t such thing as “the perfect moment”.. You will never be fully prepared, so you have to jump in and finally start working on your unmet yet dreams you keep for yourself.


People tend to avoid changes, because they fear them. Nothing great can be achieved if you are afraid to take risks and follow your dreams. Most of the times people allow fear to take over them and they worry without having a rational reason. Even if you fail, you will get your lessons and move on. Everything takes a lot and a lot of work. Embrace it and live with it.

 6. Comparisons.

Comparing with the people and putting yourself down. Everything has its own time. It does not matter if your friends, relatives, colleagues are ahead from you and they have already know what to do in their lives. Each person has its own clock and should live in unison with this individual clock. A favorite quote of mine is suggest that “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven”.


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