Glad you’re here

 I decided to create this personal platform as a tool to express myself and develop my creativity.
I truly believe that we can learn a lot from the experience of others, and help each other by sharing our stories. 


      Introducing myself by revealing my biggest dream and greatest inspiration, would probably tell you more about me than mentioning facts like age, hometown, and university degree. The biggest dream that I always carry in my heart is to create my own clothing brand and that’s where my biggest inspirations come from. Although, I am currently studying Business Administration, I have not put my passion aside and whenever I have the chance, I take fashion courses, draw, and design my clothes. For me fashion is more than just clothes, shoes and accessories, it offers me a golden opportunity to express my art of living.

     Searching for the beauty everywhere I go is another vital necessity for that brings so much fresh air. Wherever I found something beautiful I always want to give a piece of my inspiration to someone else and this is a precious communication that betters off both sides. I am happy to have amazing people around me who manage to stimulate and motivate me with their words and actions. I’d be thrilled to give even a small spark of me to someone and be able to encourage such communication. 

That’s the purpose behind this personal platform. That’s why I want to make you part of my journey by writing about different topics which will cover fashion, beauty, health, travel and whatever I find as inspirational. This platform is also my rebellious way to fight the attitude where we constantly attack each other by saying “who cares about you”. I am a strong believer that people should make themselves feel special, because everyone is special in their own way and should romanticize every moment, trying to transform it into something beautiful. 

I warmly invite you to join in me in my journey and share your thoughts. I hope you will let me know you as I let you know me.